Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas Date

Hey guys, my name is Manny Mason and in this post, I’m gonna show you ten awesome stay at home date night ideas Assured that you and her will both have a great time now be sure to stick around till the end Because the last one is a really fun one. You don’t want to miss out on. All right, let’s get into it Number one learn a dance together.

This is a really good way of getting close and intimate with your date by choosing a certain dance style together could be Swing cha-cha or salsa and setting out an AR where you’re actually engaging and Having fun learning a dance style pretty much dancing together in the lounge room could be in the kitchen All you need simply is a laptop or ETV bring up youtube and search beginner dance lessons on whichever dances all you’ve chosen this is a really good way of getting close and Intimate with your day on a physical level and it’s also really fun to do as well you both Have a great time laugh about it when it’s up you both Enjoy number two cooking a dinner or dessert together Now you could be winging it or you could follow a recipe. It really doesn’t matter the whole idea is to be close together and Enjoying the process of preparing a meal and sharing it with each other. This is an amazing way of bonding with your date and It just makes a really fun activity Come up with some really weird concoctions Gets pretty messy and it’s enjoyable experience for both. You number three play a game Now this can mean a few different things You can play cards together even Solving a jigsaw puzzle together playing board games and even doing post games as well.

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas Dating

They can be really fun Great creative ways to challenge each other and have a great experience as well If you really want to spice things up and you can incorporate a bit of strip into the game So for instance strip poker or even battleships you can even do strip battleships where Each time you lose you take off a piece of item of clothing and you pretty much get the idea where this may lead to number four take a bath together Simply as running a warm bath some candles a bit of music two bath salts as well help Soothe those muscles and just soaking up in the warm water the two of you together really close This is a great way to get very intimate with your partner And if you want to take it even further after you get out of the bath you guys can have a massage together both take turns and massaging each other number five watch a movie by sell the YouTube account or Netflix pick a funny comedy or action movie you both enjoy heat up some popcorn cheap popcorn in the microwave And have a great fun movie night in in a lounge room. How about that very affordable number six creative painting now this could be Painting by numbers on your own individual sheets, or you could be creating a masterpiece together. The whole idea is just to share that Creativity with the two of you now be warned this can get quite messy So be prepared to get a lot of old sheets put them down that when you do spill paint it’s not going to wreck any of your furniture and if you want to get really creative and Even take it a step further, then you can even do body painting or face painting It just go wacky go wild, you know be creative the idea is just to have fun Number seven have an indoor picnic simple as rolling out a rug on the living room floor spreading out your cutlery Condiments grabbing everything you need on the kitchen putting on the rug and having a nice little intimate space where you guys are sharing a meal together If you want to get even more creative Then you can set up a space in the living room where you’re draping curtains around setting up a little intimate private retreat Almost and having roses spread out everywhere with candles scented candles and music This really goes a long way and she’ll really appreciate the effort you put in to do that number eight Go camping in the backyard Set up your tent grab all your camping equipment and spend the night or even just the evening hanging out in the tent and leave all your phone and devices inside in the house So you’re setting up a nice retreat make sure you bring plenty of bedding blankets because case it gets really cold at night Number nine having a tasting party so this can be a little bit of effort in terms of preparing little hors d’oeuvres or tapas might be you can be Sampling sweets Avery’s olives. It really doesn’t matter or even drinks If you want you want to do cocktails mocktails spirits beer wine The idea is just to set out little samples of each each little food or beverage and so you’re like commenting on and Asking each other questions about how that tastes and commenting on all the different tastes that you’re experiencing Number 10 karaoke night sing some karaoke songs together This can be really awkward to start and kind of a bit vulnerable, especially if you’re not a good singer But once you overcome that, awkwardness of the start, it can be really fun experience, especially when you’re singing duets together There’s a lot of laughs to be had because you really raw open and It’s just really awkward, but it’s fun. So guys.

Thanks for watching this post I hope that’s helped you a lot with getting some new ideas for your next day. And In this channel, I’ll be bringing you more dating tips and advice with releasing three new posts each week So go ahead and hit that subscribe button So you don’t miss out on any of the new posts? Coming out and be sure to check out my next post coming up where I’ll help you in prove your dating skills

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